no one cares facts

Since I deleted my other posts, some may not really know my story that well. 

- My name is Nina, I have brown hair, brown eyes and I am tall.
-I'm 16 years old and I live in Denmark.
- I live in France at the moment as an exchange student.
-I came to France the 5. September 2012 and I'm leaving in the end of June 2013.
-I live in Limoges which is in middle/south France.
I have my host mom, host dad and three host sisters in the age of 10, 14 and 16.

- Yes. Every single French person basically smokes.
- No, I don't and I'm not starting just because I'm in France.
- I love France, but I'm having difficulties loving the French routine and life.
- I think France works too much and don't have enough fun.
- France thinks I'm a slacker and doesn't know anything.
- I am trilingual.
- I speak fluently English because my family moved to Bulgaria for a year and I went to an international school - and because I love English culture, movies and literature.
- I speak fluently French because I've been in France for four months.
- Just because I can speak fluently, doesn't mean everything I say is correct - far from it, actually.
- I have the deepest respect for my home country now.
- I keep telling everyone at home to enjoy their free and lovely lives as they are, because it's sure does suck having to live without it for another six months.
- No. I don't like French cooking the least.
- Or. Maybe it's just my family's cooking that's horrible. Yes it is.
- I go to French school, lycée which is kind of like american high school.
- I love it.
- I don't love the long hours.
- I love movies, the solar system, clothes and drawing.
- I'm awesome at french spelling and will basically spell every word you give me correctly. 
- I would classify myself as an intelligent person.
- Everybody in France generally thinks I'm an idiot because I can't do math like them.
- I think they're idiots with their English. 
- I have french friends, but they are not really close yet - soon I hope.
- My best friend is an australian exchange student, Willa.
- She is loyal, funny, wild and hates french life. 
- She is going home the 26th of January.
- Yes I miss home terribly, but I try to focus on the positive (haha, not on this blog, though).
- People describe me as vibrant, hard to read and funny.
- I describe myself as a fighter, courageous and loyal.
- I think I think way too much and bring myself in a bad mood.
- I set too high goals for myself and I'm not easily satisfied.
- I have terrible mood swings, I'm stubborn and I can be very easily annoyed.
- I'm good at scheming - a good and bad thing in my eyes.
- I've schemed a lot with my friends. Nothing seriously and no one ever got hurt.
- I'm good at lying.
- I find the universe and solar system incredibly fascinating and would love to be an astronomer if it didn't mean that I would have to be great in science.
- I suck at science.
- I have given up all hope of explaining the danish word "hyggelig" that doesn't exist in other languages.
- The frenchies have given up all hope of mastering the Danish pronunciation.
- I don't blame them. 
- I love the French and English language.
- I wish my mother language was Spanish or Chinese. Then I would be able to speak Chinese/Spanish, English and French.
- I skype my parents in Denmark on or two times a week - when I'm happy.
- When I'm depressed or sad I skype them three or four times a week.
- My French family hates it when they know I'm skyping with my parents - they think I'm speaking badly about them.
- Which sometimes I am.
- I definitely have confidence and I notice it when other people don't.
- Even though I am very self-secure I can get easily hurt and I don't aways know how to deal with it.
- I am terribly disappointed that Emmanuel Moire won "Danse avec les stars" and not Amel Bent.
- I'm extremely girly and lame with my music taste, but I have a very dark music taste as well.
- I love corny high school movies and I am extremely vulnerable with violent movies.
- Everybody asks me about the French boys and their looks. My honest opinion? On my school with 2000 students I can't find one single boy a feel an attraction to. Yeah, sure, they're not ugly, but definitely not something spectacular. Once in a while though I see incredibly handsome boys. I would describe the French boys as funny, hairy, short or really tall, strange and too forward.
- I'm afraid that some might look at me as a mean person after reading this.
- I am sure that I'm not, I'm just finding my inner devils writing this post.

I miss everyone at home and wish you a happy new year.

Wow. That was a really messy post. I'm sorry. 
Now I'm sitting in my pyjamas and should probably find something productive to do. 

Enjoy the vacation everyone. Hell or heaven starts on monday.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nina! God at høre at du har det bedre og at du bliver i frankrig og udnytter de måneder du har tilbage!
Det er rigtig spændende at følge lidt med i din hverdag og læser hver eneste indlæg og bliver inspireret

Knus Signe

Nina said...

Det er jeg glad for du synes! Fortsætter med at opdatere, mindst en eller 2 gange om ugen :) Håber du har det godt. Knus