Sitting in my room right now and going to a show with my Willa, Mathilde and Nathalie in an hour. I'm excited. Many people ask me if I had a culture shock when I came here. And did I? I don't really know, actually. Thought I'd give you a little summary of the things I find different or a tad strange in France: 

You always kiss each other on the cheek. A hand shake or hug is considered rude.

Saying monsieur, madame or mademoiselle in general.

Discovering that everything is in French: All movies showed in the cinema, songs on the radio, even English class is mostly in French.

Never eating with plates when you eat breakfast.

Eating dessert (I don't though) after every lunch and dinner.

Being a bit surprised over how tall you apparently are in France. 

The awkward moment when you look more French than your family. You have dark hair and brown eyes and your family looks scandinavian with blond hair and blue eyes.

Discovering that the facial features in France are very different from what you're used to.

Finding it odd and a tad uncomfortable when you realize that it is completely normal for a family to discuss very heavily over dinner or any meal in general.

Not being used to the way parents discipline their children i France. 

Finishing school at 17:15 OUCH, that's a bitch.

Happily noticing how quick your French is improving when you hear it all the time.

Sad to discover that they put sugar on a lot of things in France, when you prefer things natural without sugar.

Being awfully tired too often.

Having days when you're incredibly depressed and don't know why.

A bit surprised and in a way relieved when you discover that you aren't missing your family as much as you thought you would.

Missing you friends and the daily routine most of all.

Reminding yourself that you're only here for 10 months and it'll go by quickly so you should get the most out of the year even though it seems unbearable sometimes.

Being thankful for having an amazing family and friends.

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