new ins and some facts

Went to Limoges (one of france's larger cities 5 minutes from my village) and bought some wonderful new things. Visited Sephora first because I'd forgot some of my make-up in Denmark. I was actually looking for the NAKED2 palette (dream colors), but they didn't have it, so I bought a different, but beautiful palette instead. Elle magazine is so cheap here, so I couldn't resist buying that as well. 
Sonia Rykiel jacket! I got this incredibly comfortable jacket, warm scarf and matching gloves in the luxury second hand store in Limoges. They are so nice and cozy and will definitely keep me warm. 

Some things I love about being in France: Beautiful landscapes, great cities, kissing on the cheeks, fruits, nuts, saying "bonjour", french films, long dinners, beautiful people, caricatures, pain au chocolate et noisettes, wednesdays, saturdays, sun, yoghurt, talking about France. On the top of my head. Kisses 

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