wonderful tuesdays

Tuesday again and my second week at Lycée Gay Lussac has begun. I'm loving it just as much as the first week. This sunday I woke up with that great feeling when you just feel so happy - and you really feel like you deserve it and you don't need a reason why.
I made plans with Maëlys to go see the new Twilight movie - do I really need to mention the name, half of the world knows it. Seeing Edward and Bella once again, unfortunately it will be with awkward and unsuitable french voices this time. Oh well, do as the romans, whatever.

I love tuesdays though. And wednesdays. Finshing at 12 PM and 1 PM is refreshing and nice. Since I'm the only one in my class that finishes at 1PM on tuesdays I had an hour to walk around Limoges before my host mom picked me up. So I bought an expensive, but great chicken sandwich in one of those french cafés, that looks like it's taken right out of a sit-com show and walked around Limoges. Just me and my sandwich (insert obvious joke here). But I had fun and went looking for treasures in the vintage stores and in Sephora to find a gift for my friend - didn't find anything though, wah - you know who you are, sorry man.

And now I should be doing something productive like arranging my papers or doing exercise, but I'm in an ecstatic mode and I want to enjoy it. I'm visiting my Scandinavian exchange group in the next vacation and I'm so excited. In just three days, we all became great friends and had so much fun. Also so I can speak DANISH again. I speak French here every single day. Except for English and German class it's French tous les temps et j'en ai marre. But I sound awesome, so whatever, I'm cool with it, but still it's crazy how much I miss just talking without over thinking it all the time. It takes so much energy out of you.

I'm lacking inspiration right now. Maybe it mostly comes when I'm depressed. Something bad is of course going to happen soon (hello, it's me) and that might be tomorrow. See you in less than a week, otherwise I'd be surprised. Bisous

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