My new garden! How lucky am I, jesus.

 My beautiful new sister, Honorine and dog Djumbé. Babies

 Random french beauty

 Beatiful Arcs like this can be found all over the place in France!

Totally unorganized picture sizes, sorry. This is a traditional Fremch chocolate pie. Seriously the best chocolate cake EVER.

A few personal pictures from my first weeks in France, Limoges. To give a little update on what's going on: I'm okay. I have an amazing family and even though it's hard to understand each other at times, we get through it. I started school - I'm in collège - where unfortunately everyone is younger than me, but it's an easy start so when I speak better french I can move up to Lycée. My french is definitely improving! I can understand about 80% when french people speak in normal speed, so it feels good to know I'm heading in the right direction. Going to bed now and going shopping tomorrow, yay! Kisses

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